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  Yangzhong Eastern Wind Leather Shoes Factory, which lies in Yangzhong, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, has 20 years of manufacturing experiences in field of foot labor protection articles. Moreover, our factory holds the Special-type Labor Protection Article Production License issued by State Administration of Work Safety, National Industrial Product Production License issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China and the test reports of relevant products in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai City.
  From the beginning of manufacturing the earliest safety footwear seamed by hand with domestic unique technology to now, we can manufacture toes-protecting safe leather shoes (An2), piercing-defending leather shoes (first grade), electrical-insulating leather shoes (6000V), current-conducting and antistatic leather shoes, oil-, acid- and alkali-resistant leather shoes, flame retardant and high-temperature resistant leather shoes and other kinds of labor protection leather shoes with various shoemaking techniques such as tow-color dual-density polyurethane upper-joint injection molding, cold bonding, rubber mold pressing, manual seam, Goodyear and so on.
  For many years, we still persist in quality principle all the time and strive to provide special-type foot-protection products characterized by excellent protective function, credible quality and welling well to clients. That “make consumer satisfied and increase safe productive value for tem!” becomes our pursuit, so we make great efforts to customize shoes for clients according to their different demands, and provide many varieties of products with cost-performance advantages and services to consumers all along. Time not only reveals a person’s heart but also product quality. Our factory gives priority to sale on domestic market, and do export sales concurrently. At present, our products have been in the services of a part of famous large enterprises and many medium and small enterprises in the country, recognized and praised by a majority of consumers.
  Today, labor protection industry develops greatly and social safe consciousness gets improvement, we thank the clients who are using or ever used our products for your affirmations, at the same time, welcome labor protection article companies and enterprise clients to visit and call us for business contacts, we will cooperative wholeheartedly with you to let market accept our products by all means, furthermore, we have sincerity and confidence to make market understand and recognize Eastern Wind Leather Shoes Factory.

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